Real Estate Business Advertising & Marketing in India

Real Estate Business Advertising & Marketing in India

We Own & Manage Real Estate Portal in the name of BEEGHA.COM for Real Estate Business Advertising & Marketing in India, Real Estate Agent Advertising in India, Real Estate Broker Advertising in India, Real Estate Dealer Advertising in India, Real Estate Builder Advertising in India, Real Estate Projects Advertising in India, Real Estate Property for Sale Advertising in India. 

BEEGHA.COM is an online platform designed to facilitate the buying, selling, renting, or leasing of residential, commercial, or industrial properties. These portals serve as centralized marketplaces where property seekers, real estate agents, developers, and property owners can connect and transact. Here are key features and functionalities typically found in a real estate portal:

Property Listings: 

The core feature of BEEGHA.COM is its extensive database of property listings. These listings include detailed information about properties such as type (residential, commercial, etc.), size, location, price, amenities, and photos.

Search and Filter Options: 

Users can search for properties based on specific criteria such as location (city, neighborhood), type of property (house, apartment, office space), price range, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and more. Advanced filtering helps users narrow down their options to find properties that match their exact requirements.

Property Details: 

Each property listing typically includes comprehensive details such as property description, floor plans (if available), virtual tours or videos, nearby amenities (schools, hospitals, supermarkets), and contact information of the agent or owner.

Maps and Location Services: 

Integration with maps (like Google Maps) allows users to visualize the property location and nearby facilities, which is crucial for decision-making.

User Accounts: 

Registered users can create accounts to save favorite properties, set up property alerts based on their criteria, track their search history, and manage their inquiries and messages.

Agent and Developer Profiles: 

BEEGHA.COM provides featured profiles of real estate agents and property developers, showcasing their expertise, listings, contact details, and client reviews or ratings.

Financial Tools: 

BEEGHA.COM portals offer mortgage calculators, affordability calculators, and other financial tools to help users estimate costs and affordability.

Legal and Documentation Guidance: 

BEEGHA.COM also provide legal guidance to its users. Users may find resources related to legal requirements, documentation guidelines, and tips for buying, selling, or renting properties.

Through BEEGHA.COM you can List your own property for Free and receive buyer interest to sell, rent out your property. If you are an agency then you can involve in sale purchse option too.

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